Artist - Producer - Songwriter - Vocalist


Let's bring beautiful
things into existence

I love to work with creators who try to confront their fears. 

When I get excited by a fellow creator I love to support the creation of something beautiful, whether that be with: 
my presence, my energy, my knowledge or with my instruments, my voice, my songwriting or my producing.

I make music because I want to create beautiful things, to create true things, to crystallise my learnings, my emotions, my reflections. 
Music is the place I can channel what can't be communicated otherwise. It's not all high, not all serious.
I also just make music for the fuckin' joy of it. 

I believe that creating true art in a true way can help create a future where:
we won't fear our own power or uniqueness,
we feel free to truly express ourselves,
we don't suffer the mind needlessly,
we overstand the mind as a beautiful part of ourselves, 
we don't create in a cycle of repetition,
we create from the soul,
we don't feel the insecurity of lack,
we feel assured that we have all we need to live a true life,
we can all live joyfully, speed deeply and live our purpose

we can all embrace our sexuality and live it truly and with joy,
we are all aware of our oneness with all other creatures and
all of the small minded and discriminatory problems are in history books.

We are loved, and we are loving.

Be well,